Namespace utils


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base64DecodeDecode the base64 format string.
base64EncodeEncode the string to base64 format.
binaryStringToHexConvert a binary string to hex format.
brotliCompressCommpress or decompress data using brotli lib.
createPathRecursively create a file system path.
formattedStringGet a formatted string.
fromNativePath overloadConvert a OS native path (wide string on Windows) to a generic UTF-8 path.
fromString overload
fromString< bool >
fromString< double >
fromString< float >
fromString< int >
fromString< long >
fromString< long double >
fromString< long long >
fromString< std::string >
fromString< unsigned long >
fromString< unsigned long long >
fromWidePathConvert a wide string path with arbitrary directory separators to a UTF-8 portable path for use with trantor.
genRandomStringGenerate random a string.
getHttpDateGet the trantor::Date object according to the http full date string.
getHttpFullDateGet the http full date string.
getMd5 overloadGet the MD5 digest of a string.
getUuidGet UUID string.
gzipCompressCommpress or decompress data using gzip lib.
hexToBinaryStringGet a binary string from hexadecimal format.
hexToBinaryVectorGet a binary vector from hexadecimal format.
isIntegerDetermine if the string is an integer.
needUrlDecodingCheck if the string need decoding.
replaceAllReplace all occurances of from to to inplace.
secureRandomBytesGenerates cryptographically secure random bytes.
splitStringSplit the string into multiple separated strings.
toNativePath overloadConvert a generic (UTF-8) path with to an OS native path.
toWidePathConvert a UTF-8 path with arbitrary directory separator to a wide string path.
urlDecode overloadDecode from or encode to the URL format string.


Line 58 in lib/inc/drogon/utils/Utilities.h.

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