Class ArrayParser


#include <orm_lib/inc/drogon/orm/ArrayParser.h>

class ArrayParser


Low-level array parser.

Use this to read an array field retrieved from the database.

Use this only if your client encoding is UTF-8, ASCII, or a single-byte encoding which is a superset of ASCII.

The input is a C-style string containing the textual representation of an array, as returned by the database. The parser reads this representation on the fly. The string must remain in memory until parsing is done.

Parse the array by making calls to get_next until it returns a juncture of "done". The juncture tells you what the parser found in that step: did the array "nest" to a deeper level, or "un-nest" back up?


ArrayParserConstructor. You don't need this; use field::as_array instead.
getNextParse the next step in the array.


Lines 37-69 in orm_lib/inc/drogon/orm/ArrayParser.h. Line 38 in orm_lib/inc/drogon/orm/ArrayParser.h.

class ArrayParser
    /// What's the latest thing found in the array?
    enum juncture
        /// Starting a new row.
        /// Ending the current row.
        /// Found a NULL value.
        /// Found a string value.
        /// Parsing has completed.

    /// Constructor.  You don't need this; use @c field::as_array instead.
    explicit ArrayParser(const char input[]);

    /// Parse the next step in the array.
    /** Returns what it found.  If the juncture is @c string_value, the string
     * will contain the value.  Otherwise, it will be empty.
     * Call this until the @c juncture it returns is @c done.
    std::pair<juncture, std::string> getNext();

    /// Current parsing position in the input.
    const char *pos_;

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