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AsyncTaskFires a coroutine and doesn't force waiting nor deallocates upon promise destructs
AttributesThis class represents the attributes stored in the HTTP request. One can add/get any type of data to/from an Attributes object.
CacheMapCache Map.
CallbackAwaiterHelper class that provides the infrastructure for turning callback into coroutines
CallbackAwaiter< void >
CallbackEntryA utility class for CacheMap.
DrClassMapA map class which can create DrObjects from names.
DrObjecta class template to implement the reflection function of creating the class object by class name
DrObjectBaseThe base class for all drogon reflection classes.
DrTemplateBaseThe templating engine class.

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HttpClientAsynchronous http client.
HttpControllerThe reflection base class template for HTTP controllers.
HttpControllerBaseThe base class for HTTP controllers.
HttpFileThis class represents a uploaded file by a HTTP request.
HttpFilterThe reflection base class template for filters.
HttpFilterBaseThe abstract base class for filters For more details on the class, see the wiki site (the 'Filter' section)
HttpRequestAbstract class for webapp developer to get or set the Http request;.

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HttpSimpleControllerThe reflection base class template for HTTP simple controllers.
HttpSimpleControllerBaseThe abstract base class for HTTP simple controllers.
HttpViewDataThis class represents the data set displayed in views.
IntranetIpFilterA filter that prohibit access from external networks.
IOThreadStorageUtility class for thread storage handling.
is_awaitable< T, std::void_t< decltype(internal::getAwaiter(std::declval< T >()))> >
is_resumable< AsyncTask, std::void_t< AsyncTask > >
is_resumable< T, std::void_t< decltype(internal::getAwaiter(std::declval< T >()))> >
LocalHostFilterA filter that prohibit access from other hosts.
MultiPartParserA parser class which help the user to get the files and the parameters in the multipart format request.
NotFoundThis class is used by the drogon to generate the 404 page. Users don't use this class directly.
PluginThe reflection base class for plugins.
PluginBaseThe abstract base class for plugins.
PubSubServiceThis class template implements a publish-subscribe pattern with multiple named topics.
RestfulControllerthis class is a helper class for the implementation of restful api controllers generated by the drogon_ctl command.
SessionThis class represents a session stored in the framework. One can get or set any type of data to a session object.
StringViewHasher< 4 >
StringViewHasher< 8 >
Task< void >
TopicThis class template presents an unnamed topic.
UploadFileThis class represents an upload file which will be transferred to the server via the multipart/form-data format
WebSocketClientWebSocket client abstract class.
WebSocketConnectionThe WebSocket connection abstract class.
WebSocketControllerThe reflection base class template for WebSocket controllers.
WebSocketControllerBaseThe abstract base class for WebSocket controllers.


appA wrapper of the instance() method.
async_funcreturns a function that calls a coroutine
async_runRuns a coroutine from a regular function.
fromRequest overloadThis template is used to convert a request object to a custom type object. Users must specialize the template for a particular type.
fromResponse overloadThis template is used to convert a response object to a custom type object. Users must specialize the template for a particular type.
sleepCoro overload

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toRequest overloadThis template is used to create a request object from a custom type object by calling the newCustomHttpRequest(). Users must specialize the template for a particular type.
toRequest< const Json::Value & >
toRequest< Json::Value & >
toResponse overloadThis template is used to create a response object from a custom type object by calling the newCustomHttpResponse(). Users must specialize the template for a particular type.
toResponse< const Json::Value & >
toResponse< Json::Value & >



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Typedefs (Attribute.h)

using AttributesPtr = std::shared_ptr< Attributes >

Typedefs (CacheMap.h)

using CallbackEntryPtr = std::shared_ptr< CallbackEntry >

using WeakCallbackEntryPtr = std::weak_ptr< CallbackEntry >

using CallbackBucket = std::unordered_set< CallbackEntryPtr >

using CallbackBucketQueue = std::deque< CallbackBucket >

Typedefs (DrClassMap.h)

using DrAllocFunc = std::function< DrObjectBase *()>

Typedefs (drogon_callbacks.h)

typedef std::shared_ptr< HttpResponse > HttpResponsePtr

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typedef std::shared_ptr< HttpRequest > HttpRequestPtr

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using AdviceCallback = std::function< void(const HttpResponsePtr &)>

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using AdviceChainCallback = std::function< void()>

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using FilterCallback = std::function< void(const HttpResponsePtr &)>

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using FilterChainCallback = std::function< void()>

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using HttpReqCallback = std::function< void(ReqResult, const HttpResponsePtr &)>

Typedefs (DrTemplateBase.h)

using DrTemplateData = HttpViewData

Typedefs (HttpAppFramework.h)

using ExceptionHandler = std::function< void(const std::exception &, const HttpRequestPtr &, std::function< void(const HttpResponsePtr &)> &&)>

using DefaultHandler = std::function< void(const HttpRequestPtr &, std::function< void(const HttpResponsePtr &)> &&)>

Typedefs (HttpClient.h)

using HttpClientPtr = std::shared_ptr< HttpClient >

Typedefs (MultiPart.h)

using FileUpload = MultiPartParser

In order to be compatible with old interfaces.

Typedefs (PubSubService.h)

using SubscriberID = uint64_t

Typedefs (Session.h)

using SessionPtr = std::shared_ptr< Session >

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Typedefs (coroutine.h)

template <typename T>
using await_result_t = typename await_result< T >::type

Typedefs (WebSocketClient.h)

using WebSocketClientPtr = std::shared_ptr< WebSocketClient >

using WebSocketRequestCallback = std::function< void(ReqResult, const HttpResponsePtr &, const WebSocketClientPtr &)>

Typedefs (WebSocketConnection.h)

using WebSocketConnectionPtr = std::shared_ptr< WebSocketConnection >

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Typedefs (WebSocketController.h)

using WebSocketControllerBasePtr = std::shared_ptr< WebSocketControllerBase >


Variables (HttpAppFramework.h)

Variables (coroutine.h)

template <typename T>
constexpr bool is_awaitable_v = is_awaitable<T>::value

template <typename T>
constexpr bool is_resumable_v = is_resumable<T>::value


Line 22 in lib/inc/drogon/Attribute.h.

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