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Naeem 1 year ago

Hello Sir, I am a Windows user and failed to find a solution for the installation of Drogon on windows on this page. Hope you'll help me to find out a solution. regards.

antao2002 1 year ago

Hi~, You could use vcpkg to install drogon on Windows.

Steve 1 year ago

I've also tried doing it on windows. I cannot figure out how to get past using vcpkg.

1 year ago

I have the same problem, I did not find a document for this issue

pranar 1 year ago , edited 1 year ago

install drogon on windows environment


1. usin vcpkg:

  • clean up some environment variables:

    • cmake *if any, and make it sure it also not installed on your control panel/apps & features
    • vcpkg *if any
  • create fresh vcpg:

    • open your powershell/pwsh7/cmd as admin
    • open your desire directory ( e.g. c:/Dev )
    • now follow this instruction and type:
      1. git clone https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg.git
      2. cd vcpkg
      3. bootstrap-vcpkg.bat <--- this will install vcpkg.exe
      4. git pull
      5. check your vcpkg.exe:
        • vcpkg.exe
        • vcpkg
          add this path to your environment variables.
          assuming your vcpg dir. at C:/Dev/vcpkg
          so, add that path to your environment variables.
      6. cd <--- this will open your home user directory to make it sure does your vcpkg.exe able to run
      7. vcpkg version
        if there's an error, relaunch you terminal
        then type cd; vcpkg version;
        now, assume those steps are no error
      8. vcpkg install drogon:x64-windows
        vcpkg.exe install drogon:x64-windows
        wait till all finish installed.
        locate drogon_tool
        normally if you install using this method, it will be located on:
        C:\Dev\vcpkg\installed\x64-windows\tools\drogon add this to your path environment variables.
        if you want to use vscode add some installed bin and lib. If you following this instruction add this variables to your path
        Note: installing independent CMake might be needed.
      9. drogon_ctl or drogon_ctl.exe:
        • if this doesn't work, reopen your terminal.

2. usin wsl:

  • open your ms store.
  • search linux
  • install linux distro from Debian base:
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • Kali
  • create user and password
  • type sudo apt update; sudo apt dist-upgrade
  • now follow the instruction again

3. what the hell method

  • buy new drive ( ssd || hdd )
  • install linux distro ( Debian base )
  • boot manually
  • now follow the instruction again

If those steps/methods doesn't work for you. I don't know what todo.



for more info about vcpkg:


end of method
antao2002 1 year ago

@pranar Thanks so much for such a detailed reply!

pranar 1 year ago

Anytime , man. For awesome frameworks. 🍻 @antao2002

antao2002 1 year ago

@pranar, would you like to make a PR to https://github.com/an-tao/drogon-docs with the contents here? It will be updated to the wiki and documents in this web station. Thanks :)

pranar 1 year ago

@antao2002 just added with @prothegee from prothegee:drogon-vcpkg-windows

antao2002 1 year ago

@pranar Thanks so much!

1 year ago

@pranar i can't find the drogon_tool, in tools directory, just appears: brotli and openssl

antao2002 1 year ago

you shoud install drogon with the ctl feature--drogon[ctl]

10 months ago

Just as clarification (because I had trouble as well)

you might have to use vcpkg install drogon[ctl]:x64-windows to install it with the cli tools.

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